Step 5: Check out Salon/Stylists

After you have been to all of your hair extension consultations, you will need to sort out all the information so you can decide which method and which stylist/salon to go with. Continued Below....

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Before you make your decision, you will need to check out the salon and stylist.  There are several different places to go.

1. Verify with your State Board of Cosmetology that no complaints have been filed against the salon or stylist.  FYI--There are some US states that do not require a Cosmetology license to do hair extensions.  If the stylist does not have a cosmetology license, then the State Board would not record any complaint.

2. Verify with the hair extension company that the stylist is indeed certified and trained by them. 

3. Verify with your local Better Business Bureau that no complaints have been filed.

4. Do an Internet search for the stylist and/or hair extension forums.

5. Check references if the salon has given you some.  This is a touchy subject since most salon clients that get hair extensions do not want everyone knowing that they have them.  Also, many stylists feel it is unprofessional and inconsiderate to be passing out their clients names and phone numbers.

Another thing to consider when it comes to references is that what stylist in his/her right mind would give out the name/number of a client would give them a bad recommendation?

6. Make a Pros and Cons list for each stylist.  Include all the important facts that you have compiled from your research and your consultations.  If you have additional questions, call the stylist back, or search online for the answers.

If you have made your decision on which method and stylist to go with, then proceed to the final Step.

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