Step 4 Select a salon and make an appointment for a consultation

You always hear in medical situations to 'Get a Second Opinion'.  Well when it comes to hair extensions, the same rule applies:  Always Get a Second Opinion.  If you really like the fusion method with human hair, then make appointments with several different salons that offer various fusion methods.

Hair Extensions--The official consumers guide to getting hair extensions includes a whole chapter on  preparing for your hair extension consultation. See table of contents here

Hair extensions are an investment and you need to be prepared with the right questions.

Order your copy and download it immediately.

Order Hair Extensions E-book Some salons my charge a minimal fee for these consultations, since you are taking the time of the stylist.  They usually apply this fee to the cost of the hair extensions if you go with them.  This is money well spent.  Hair extensions can cost from hundreds to even thousands of dollars, so a few $25 or even $50 consultation fees are negligible.

The best case scenario is to select a stylist that is trained and certified in several different hair extension methods.  That way, he/she can tell you which method would be best for you.  Hair extensions are NOT one size fits all.  Different hair textures, different hair condition and desired length and look all effect the type of hair extension method.

To find a salon in your area, you can contact the company directly for a list of certified stylists. See list of companies in Step 3.  This is the BEST method to finding a qualified stylist.  BEWARE:  There are some hair stylists out there claiming to be certified and trained by XYZ Company, when in fact they are not.  Always ask to see a copy of their certification, or call the company to make sure they are certified.  We have even run across several stylists that have been 'de-certified' by a hair extension company because of numerous customer complaints.

Jasmine: Full Lace or Lace Front WigJasmine: Full Lace or Lace Front Wig - $ 399.00
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Below are 10 tips for getting the most out of your hair extension consultation.  Bring a notebook and write the answers down so you won't get confused later when comparing methods. 

For even more consultation tips, see our Hair Extensions Exposed, Ebook.

1. After selecting a salon, schedule an initial consultation to discuss what you would like to have done and any concerns that you have.

2. Ask about what hair extension experience your hair stylist has and where they received their training.  Are they trained in more than one method?

3. Make sure the hair stylist listens and understands your needs and concerns. Does he/she communicate well with you?

4. The hair stylist should ask you about your lifestyle, health, hobbies and your normal hair routine

5. An analysis of your scalp and hair should be done at the initial consultation to make sure your hair is in a condition for successful hair extensions. 

5A. Ask what can go wrong with the hair extensions--attachment and removal.

5B. Ask what happens when things go wrong. Is there any sort of guarantee for the products (hair) or attachment?

6. Ask to see before and after photos of hair extension clients,  ask for references and be sure to call them

7. Make a mental note of the workspace of the stylist.  Is it neat, clean and orderly?

8. Ask how often the average client needs to replace the hair. This is very important for anticipating future costs

9. Get a written estimate for your hair extensions with an itemized list of the services required to achieve your new look

10. Get a written maintenance plan. Plan should include recommendations for products, grooming tools, follow-up appointments and any special instructions

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