Step 1: Determine if Hair Extensions are for you

So, you want to get hair extensions?  If you haven't read the 5 W's Report, please go back and read it now.  It explains the basic details of what is involved in getting hair extensions.

Step 1 involves just you and yourself.  Look at these 6 main areas listed below and be honest with yourself.

1. Determine your motivation for getting hair extensions.

This is an important question you need to ask yourself.  Your motivation will greatly affect the outcome, especially the daily maintenance involved.  Do you really want long hair now, and are unwilling to wait years for it to grow naturally?  Did you get a really bad hair cut and want to make it look half decent while it grows back?  Are you interested in getting a new look for a special occasion, such as the prom, graduation, wedding, etc.?

If you answered yes to the questions above, then you probably have the right motivation to get hair extensions.

2. Do you have the time?

Long hair takes time.  Ask anyone you see with naturally long hair.  Extra time is needed for shampooing, conditioning (especially deep conditioners), brushing, combing, de-tangling, styling, etc.  If you are used to just washing your hair, letting it air dry and doing absolutely nothing else to it, you might want to really re-consider getting hair extensions. 

If you do not put in the extra time needed for longer hair, you will probably not be happy since your hair may look unruly and even tangle.

3. Do you have the money? Quality hair extensions are not cheap.  When it comes to hair extensions, you do get what you pay for.  For example, if you or your stylist purchases cheaper quality hair, especially the kind that has been over processed, then after just a few shampoos, your hair will become a giant tangled mess. 

Now, if you are looking to get hair extensions for a special occasion and don't really intend to wear them for a long period of time, then the cheaper hair might work for you.

Also, it can take a very long time to attach hair extensions to your natural hair.  When we say a very long time--we're talking about 3 hours and up.  The stylist is giving up his/her regular clients during this time, so you have to expect to pay fairly for this time.

There are some hair extension companies that are coming out with new machines that can install your hair extensions much faster.  Because this technology is new, you can probably expect to pay even more for this service than the service that is done by hand.

Keep in mind that some methods of hair extensions require you to purchase and use special shampoos, conditioners, appliances, etc.  And there is regular maintenance appointments with your hair extension stylist. 

All of these cost factors should be considered in deciding if you have the money. 

If you try to skimp in this department, you may very well be very sorry!

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4. Do you follow directions well?

When you are sick and you go to your doctor for help, do you follow the directions that the doctor gives you?  Your hair extension stylist is sort of like a doctor, maybe a long hair style doctor, and she/he will give you specific instructions on how to take care of your extensions.  You must follow these directions for best results. 

We have heard countless stories of women or men getting hair extensions and complaining about them falling out, tangling, etc. only to find out later that they did not follow any of the instructions that the stylist gave them.

Good hair extension results don't just happen. They require a lot of work, from your stylist and from you.

5. Is your hair in bad shape or thinning?

If you hair is in very bad shape, damaged, breaking, thinning, etc. then it may not be a very good idea to get hair extensions. Your hair extension stylist should  take a close look at the condition of your hair and scalp before recommending you for hair extensions.

A good test that you can do at home is the strand test.  Take a single strand of your hair and gradually pull on it.  If it comes out right away, with almost no pulling, then your hair will not be able to support hair extensions.  If it takes a fair amount of pulling, then your hair might be okay.

A stylist that doesn't consider the health of your natural hair and scalp before attaching hair extensions is not really concerned about you and may be only interested in the sales revenue that you will provide.

Avoid the horror stories of many hair extension victims, i.e. "My natural hair is falling out along with the hair extensions leaving major bald spots on my scalp.  What should I do?" 

6. Do you understand the disadvantages of hair extensions?

If your hair extension stylist does not attach or remove the hair extensions properly, you could end up with permanent hair loss or damage.  Some methods of attaching hair extensions can cause more damage than others, depending on the experience of your stylist.


So, did you pass Step 1?  If you are motivated, have the time, money, follow directions, have fairly healthy hair and understand the disadvantages?  Then you can  continue to Step 2