Step 3  Select one ormore hair extension methods

  1. Akinda Magic Hair Extensions
  2. Balmain Company
  3. Bellargo
  4. Cinderella Hair
  5. Chrissy V
  6. Dome
  7. Eurolocs
  8. Extend USA
  9. Garland Drake
  10. Great Lengths
  11. Hairdreams
  12. Hair Xtend
  13. Hair Locs
  14. Hair Police
  15. Invisible Hair
  16. Jeffrey Paul
  17. Mark Barrington Concepts, Inc.
  18. Mark Glenn Hair Enhancements
  19. Mega Hair
  20. Monkey Barrz
  21. Pro Hair from Pro Styles
  22. Raccoon
  23. Raphael Basante Hair Systems
  24. Sequence
  25. So.Cap.
  26. Super Hair Factory
  27. Ultratress
You guessed it, there are hundreds of companies that offer hair extensions.  We ran into this major stumbling block in researching our E-book, Hair Extension-The official consumers guide to getting hair extensions, since there are some companies that will sell hair extension kits to just about anyone who wants to buy them.  If you just type in hair extensions as a search term, literally thousands of sites show up.    

So, we developed a selection process to determine what methods we would be covering.  Each company listed at the right has met two or more of the criteria listed below.

1. Company offers some form of training or certification program

2. Company has been in business for 10 years or more.

3. Company has a high sales volume

4. Company offers a unique method of applying hair extensions

5. Company has an Internet Presence

6. Company is frequently mentioned in various hair extension forums

It is usually a good idea to select several different companies to start with in case there aren't any trained or certified stylists in your area.

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Arielle- luxurious silk top base full lace wig Arielle- luxurious silk top base full lace wig - $ 559.00
Specifications: Type: Light brown Swiss lace with SILK TOP BASE, stretch in middle, single knots at hairline & double knots throughout, no bleached knots, baby hairs Color (See Color Chart): 2 with 10 highlights Hair Length (See How to Measure): 22'' to 24 inches at longest layer Density (See Density Chart): Medium Texture (See Texture Options): Indian Remy, Silky Straight Approximate Measurements (in inches) (See How to Measure):Medium Cap Circumference: 22 Front to Nape: 14 Ear to Ear across forehead: 12 Ear to Ear over top of head: 12.5 Temple to Temple around back: 15 Nape of neck: 5 This full lace wig is professionally cut and styled and will not look as pictured unless you style your precision cut with either rollers or a curling/flat iron. The hair is straight when un-styled. You can use a light hair spray to keep the body of your curls for a longer time.

Includes BONUS before/after hair extensions gallery, hair extension comparison chart and hair extension suitability test, all for one low price.

Hair Extensions Exposed


Manemax hair extensionsMANEMAXX
Do-it-yourself Hair Extension Kits:

MANEMAXX offers an inexpensive, safe alternative with no glues, no fusion in strand-by-strand, comfortable, celebrity style hair extension wear.


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Ten Important Facts To Find About Hair Extension Companies and Methods:

  1. What type of hair is used and is it re-useable?
  2. What type of training and/or certification is required for the hair stylist to attach hair extensions?
  3. How long do the hair extensions last?
  4. What type of hair are the hair extensions intended for and how long does your hair need to be to attach the extensions?
  5. What are the average costs?
  6. Where can you find a stylist that offers these type of extensions?
  7. What sort of maintenance is there, and does it cost extra?
  8. What are the side-effects of the method?  I.e. can it damage your hair?
  9. How long has this company been in business?  (Type in the search box of any search engine 'company name + problems' to check them out
  10. Are there any guarantees?
Have you selected several different companies and methods that you think you might want to try?  Then, proceed to Step 4

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