Hair Extensions - The Official Consumers Guide to Getting Hair Extensions

What you will learn in Hair Extensions--The official consumers guide to getting hair extensions:

  • Who can get hair extensions

  • How hair extensions are attached

  • What methods are available today

  • Where can you get hair extensions

  • When do you get hair extensions

  • Why are they so expensive

  • How long does it take to put them in?

Plus, you will get answers to questions that you have...

  • How much do hair extensions cost?

  • How do you find a stylists that can do hair extensions

  • How do you take care of them?

  • Will they damage your natural hair?

  • Will it hurt?

  • Will they look natural?

  • What is the difference between human hair and synthetic hair?

And questions you didn't know you had:

  • How long do the hair extensions last?

  • Is your hair stylist properly trained and certified to do hair extensions?

  • How long does your natural hair need to be to get hair extensions?

  • How much are maintenance visits with your hair extensionist?

  • What else can hair extensions be used for other than length?

  • Can the hair extensions be re-used?


Review comparison chart of all the methods to see how each one measures up to your requirements.

Many other factors must be considered when selecting a hair extension method including the condition of your hair, your hair care maintenance habits and your budget , just to name a few. 

The consultation with a hair extension stylist is VERY important to successful hair extensions.  Make sure you are prepared with the right questions.  We have included a list of what should happen in the consultation, what you should ask the stylist and what steps you should take after the consultation.  Yes, we give you homework!  Being beautiful is hard work!

Also included is a list of web resources for even more information on hair extensions.  Don't spend valuable hours searching for information that we already have prepared for you.

If you want to add length, volume or highlights to your hair style with hair extensions, this E-book is for you.  Get answers to all your questions and avoid costly mistakes, like choosing the wrong method for your type of hair, or not properly researching the stylist to make sure he/she has the right training.  


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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1:  Hair

Descriptions of all the different types, grades and origins of human and synthetic hair used for hair extensions

Chapter 2:  Methods of Attachment:

Descriptions of all the different types of attachment techniques

Chapter 3:  Hair Extension Companies:

27 (and counting) different companies and extension methods are covered.  Info includes explanation of attachment, how long they last, average costs, special maintenance, training requirements for each stylist, etc.  As we find more methods, this section will be updated.  Free updates are available for 90 days.

Chapter 3A:  Comparison of hair extension companies and several before/after photos. Photos will be added as we receive them from salons. 

Chapter 4:  The Consultation:

Details of what should happen in the consultation, what you should ask your hair extension stylist, what you should do after the consultation before making a decision.  Don’t extend without reading this valuable list of tips.

Chapter 5:  Disadvantages:

There are several disadvantages to getting hair extensions.  Be aware of what can go wrong.

Chapter 6:  Advantages:

There are many advantages to getting hair extensions.  If the disadvantages are getting you down, read the advantages.

Chapter 7:  Does my stylist need to be certified and licensed?

Find out licensing requirements to do hair extensions for each U.S. state.   Make sure your stylist has the right license and certification.

Chapter 8:  How to Take Care of Hair Extensions:

Read our comprehensive list of tips for human and synthetic hair extension care.

Chapter 9:  More Info

Check out Internet resources for hair extension info.  Included are several forums for hair extension discussions

Credits + References:

We have talked to a lot of professional stylists and company officials in the process of researching this book.   Also, there is a list of great salon and stylist websites for more information on hair extensions and lots of before and after pictures so you can see the results.

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